What to Expect From WECA

What should you expect from being a part of the Wealth Enhancers Coaching Academy and why should you make this investment?

There are two parts to the WECA program which can be taken together or stand alone.

The first part is becoming an expert Gen Y and millennial adviser and coach. In this part, we teach our proven process that helps our generation get closer to their financial freedom quicker.

You’ll be taught:
  • Our Get Rich Slow philosophy,
  • Our advanced strategies for our generation,
  • Coaching techniques, and
  • How to help your members better.

The second part of WECA is scaling a financial advice business.

Unfortunately being a great adviser does not mean you’ll have a great business. There’s a lot of different knowledge that you need to have to scale an advice practice.
We’ve now been in the advice industry for a number of years and we’ve learned a lot through our experience. Now, we’re going to teach you our knowledge on how to actually build your business better.

In this course, you’ll be drinking from the firehose. It’s going to be intense.

The course consists of interactive sessions with the Wealth Enhancers team and some outside industry experts, and peer-to-peer learning. You’ll be learning through different methods, like role-playing and assessments, and you’ll to have actions you can implement straight away either in your advising or in your business to make you better.

So, why would you pay for this?

There’s a lot of research out there that it takes over ten thousand hours to become an expert in something.

I can tell you confidently that we’ve spent a lot more than ten thousand hours to get to where WE are today.

We’ve spent a lot of money and a lot of time, and now you can save all of your heartache from making the same mistakes that we did by learning from our experiences.

In WECA, you’ll be provided a proven process that works, you’ll have access to the best in the business, you’ll have a peer-to-peer group that you can share with in the future, and you’ll also be able to leverage our brand with our Get Rich Slow philosophy certification.

This will be the greatest investment you make of your time and money in your advice career so far and we’re so excited to help as many advisors help our generation as possible.