Knowledge Sharing and our Coaching Academy


Co-founder and CIO Finn Kelly chats with Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard about knowledge sharing and how that applies to our WE Coaching Academy


Rebecca Pritchard: It’s such an important part of what we do here at Wealth Enhancers, but what is knowledge sharing Finn?

Finn Kelly: It’s about collaboration, really.
We all have certain interests and we only have so much time in the day and if you can come across something which you think will be relevant to everyone else in your team, or your friends or your colleagues, it’s just about leverage.

So collaboration and leverage, and it’s something that we do a Wealth Enhancers a lot.

We use an online platform called Basecamp, and basically when anyone comes across anything that’s interesting, they post it in a thread. It’s something I do regularly. I’ll post that “I found this” or “I’ve just learned this, what are your thoughts?” and it starts a great conversation where I can then get further insights from the team.

Rebecca: Absolutely, and community is such an important value here at Wealth Enhancers and we learn from each other all the time. But we also learn from our members and I’m going to give a shout out to two of my fabulous members, Greg and Mel, who respectively put me on to a lot of podcasts and books that I like to get my hands on to. I really trust them to curate the content for me and get that really great insight. I know when I’m on the train or walking to the office, I’ve got some great things to listen to or read and learn.

That’s one of the big things we’ve always envisioned with the community in Wealth Enhancers, that we’re dealing with some of the most talented and amazing individuals at the top of their fields, and how cool is it is it that if you have a problem, you’re able to actually reach out to the community?!

We’re starting to see that quite a lot which is really exciting and I encourage everyone to leverage our community and to actually start asking questions. I guarantee that someone in the community can answer! 
So Finn, pop quiz! What are you currently studying, reading and listening to?

Finn: Okay, so I’m actually doing formal study again. It’s been a big part of my life but I’ve had a couple of years break and I’m now doing a Masters in Science with a focus on Applied Positive Psychology. So it’s very relevant to what we do at Wealth Enhancers. It’s stuff that I was doing anyway; I love reading about positive psychology to make myself a happier person and it’s something I’m sharing a lot with my team members.

You’ll see in The Finn Review I’m writing, there’s a section called Being Intentional which is basically about how to live an intentional life and be happier. So I’m sharing things there.  I just started a new course on coaching and I’m looking at some of the ways we’re coaching and how we can make some improvements there. So the WE team is about to get a bunch of ideas on how we can improve. That’s my main focus in studying.

What I’m reading? I’m actually reading a couple of books at the moment. One is Radical Honesty which is a very controversial book. It’s basically about really sharing your thoughts and not keeping things in and how most people aren’t actually honest and by being honest you can live a freer life. So that’s a really interesting book.

Podcasts I’m listening to… I actually just knowledge shared myself yesterday.  I asked a friend who I respect a lot for their favourite podcasts and she said Tim Ferriss which I already listen to. The other one was one about mindful awareness from Tara Brach, and another one is How I Built This, which is all about different entrepreneurs who have built really successful companies.

Rebecca: Going back to your studying, do you have any quick tips on how to apply positive psychology in our own lives?

Finn: There’s actually quite a few easy wins which I like to call daily rituals and I have 17 daily rituals. I find if I do 10 of them, I’m having a really successful day and if I’m having a down day, I just go knock off a bunch of these. These can be wake up in the morning and write three things that you’re grateful for and also doing that the end of the day. It could be doing a ‘best possible self,’ describing who you are when you’re feeling the best and what you envision for yourself. Actually analysing at the end of the day what went well and going these were the wins, because there’s always a win in the day.

I think if you do that, that’s probably the greatest start and then we can start building on those some of those principles.

Rebecca: Oh good start. Well, since you asked… I’ll share mine!

Finn: Sorry!

Rebecca: I’m also studying at the moment, doing my fellow chartered financial practitioner accreditation which is lots of fancy letters to put on behind my surname on my business cards, that I don’t have! It’s a professional decision as a financial adviser, because it’s always good to continue to learn, and there’s a few tips and tricks I’m taking out that we’re applying in the business.

I just finished The Checklist Manifesto and I’m about to start a book by I think Thomas Piketty. He’s a French economist, and it’s on income inequality so that is heavy! I might need to read something trashy just to cleanse my palate before I get into that one!
I am listening to The Pineapple Project at the moment, which if you haven’t heard of it, it’s so funny. It’s from the ABC and it’s all about how to become good with money with some very funny stories in there. It’s so consistent with the love and the message that we have here at Wealth Enhancers. I’m enjoying light entertainment in the financial field. I feel like it’s been long overdue.

Finn: I agree.

Rebecca: So before we wrap it up, I guess we wanted to talk about knowledge sharing due to a very exciting project that we’ve been working on throughout 2018, which is the WE Coaching Academy.

Finn: WECA came about from this desire to share knowledge with the community of advisers. It’s been something which was in our painted picture a number of years ago: we wanted to be the best in the business, we needed to make sure that all new coaches were really great and have an academy for them to train them. We were doing that and then we realised hang on, our purpose is to make the most financially free generation driven by their goals and values, and we can’t do that alone. There’s a lot of other people trying to advise Millennials and they always look to us for insights. I just thought, well, how good would it be to be able to actually share that knowledge and create a cause, create a movement. We launched our first WECA at the start of the year and it was super successful.

Rebecca: It was magic and the people there were brilliant and it just got us really excited!

Finn: So we’re very happy that we’re doing another one. We’re sharing all of our IP, all our expertise. We’re going to train you, we’re going to coach you and it’s something which I just would have loved to have had when we first started the business. It would have accelerated our growth and success a lot quicker and a lot cheaper, fewer mistakes, more action.

Rebecca: I also want to do a special shout out to people who may not be advisers yet that are thinking of joining advice or coaching, this could be the best way for you to dip your toes in and to learn how to do advice in a really cool and fun and engaging and rewarding way. As someone who jumped the fence from professional services into planning a few years ago, I feel like if this had existed it just would have blown me away.

Finn: It’s a good way to just see whether it’s right for you because I think a lot of the academic study is great to get you a qualification, but you just don’t know until you actually try. This is an opportunity to see if it’s the right fit, learn how to apply the knowledge that you’ve actually learned through your qualifications, and hit the ground running.

For more information on WECA, click here. 


Disclaimer: Information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not be rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.