Meet Sydney:

From a mindset of hustle and debt to abundance and financial happiness,

In less than two years 

When I joined Wealth Enhancers, I wasn’t in a good place financially. 

I was getting divorced after 10 months of marriage. Despite believing I was an independent woman, my divorce highlighted that I’d become financially dependent on my husband and my dad. While I contributed to the rent and the bills, my husband covered everything else – including our expensive social life. My dad also helped me pay for extra things, such as my annual ski pass. 

Despite having $18k worth of student debt plus various credit card loans, I convinced myself that I didn’t worry about money. In fact, I said I didn’t need money! I enjoyed my ‘unconventional’ life. I didn’t want the big corporate career and I wasn’t attracted to the stability and structure of a 9-5. Instead, I was happy working for a nonprofit and topping up my income with festival jobs and various side hustles. 

Looking back, there was a part of me that was rebelling. 

My mum stopped working to raise me. My dad took charge of the money and left my mum in the dark about our finances. We had plenty of money, yet dad made mom feel guilty for her spending. I didn’t want that for myself. 

The problem was, I didn’t really know what I wanted! I just knew I needed something drastically different. Then I discovered WE.

Creating the space for possibility 

My Wealth Enhancers journey was a transformation from the start. 

I was surprised that our initial conversations had nothing to do with money! Instead, I was invited to explore what I wanted to create for my life. 

Until that point, I hadn’t thought about the bigger picture. Instead, my beliefs and mindsets restricted me. For example, I believed I’d always have student debt and I thought my love for nonprofits meant never making a lot of money. 

Initially, this space of no limits felt overwhelming, but it soon became fun and clarity began to drop in. 

I saw myself taking on a bigger role at the non-profit. I wanted to do more travel. While my husband and I had taken holidays together, it was always on his terms. I wanted to see more of the world. I wanted to live in a mountain community. With a clear vision to work towards, I was able to create a plan.

It was exciting to create from a place of possibility instead of lack. And with someone to believe in me, it became a lot easier to believe in myself. 

Taking action 

One of my first actions was to step up into a director’s role at my nonprofit and ask for a salary that honoured my value. Until this point, I’d always allowed others to define my worth. This was the first time I owned my value. It felt so liberating when the nonprofit said yes. This experience was possible because my coach helped me re-evaluate my self-worth and cultivate the confidence to recognise what my contribution was worth to the nonprofit. Without this support, I’d never have stepped up or asked in the first place. 

In hindsight, cultivating self-ownership has been a fundamental piece of my wealth-creation journey. 

When I changed my mindset, I also rewired my ability to build wealth. I became receptive to receiving more – and I did. This new belief created a tipping point. My new salary eradicated my mindset that I couldn’t earn well in a nonprofit. It also meant I didn’t have to work all those extra jobs – unless I wanted to. I now choose to babysit or work weekend events for fun. This means I show up more authentically and have bonus money, which I invest in luxuries that aligns with my values, such as my ski pass or a weekend yoga workshop.

With more income, my financial position changed rapidly. My coach helped me embed systems and processes designed to leverage and build my wealth. None of the changes felt confusing or overwhelming, so I was able to get behind them. What’s more, everything was tailored to me and my specific circumstances, values, and intentions. 

With the help of automation and intentional practices, my money takes care of itself. For example: 

  • I automate a $1,000 monthly payment into a savings account
  • I save $500 a month for travel 
  • I automate $200/month to an impact investment fund
  • I cleared my student and credit card debts by figuring out a payment plan

I also practice intentional spending to ensure I stay aligned with what I spend and that I genuinely want what I purchase. It’s amazing how many things remain on the shelves when you give yourself two seconds to reflect first. 

My WE journey has been ‘life-transforming’

Two years after starting my Wealth Enhancers journey, I have no debt, I use debit cards instead of credit cards, and I have $30,000 in savings. I no longer live from month-to-month and paycheck to paycheck. Instead, my wealth is building – and because of the automated systems, I hardly have to do a thing! 

From a mindset of debt and hustle, I now have abundance, choice, and financial freedom. Instead of avoiding money conversations, I’m excited to talk about my plans and intentions. 

I love that I spend my money in alignment with what’s important to me. I don’t enjoy eating out, but I love cooking for friends – so this is how I socialise. I love working from coffee shops, but I don’t always feel the need to buy a drink. I travel mindfully, which makes my budget go a lot further.

My new relationship with money makes me feel happy and empowered. I love that I’m constantly transforming, which makes me excited to explore where else I can empower myself.

Money is no longer an excuse. Instead, I’m confident I can create anything knowing that money is there to help me. 

I’m proud of what I’ve created. I think WE is a magic money machine! 

WE is such an integral part of my life I’d give up my gym membership to keep my WE membership! But I don’t have to because I’m abundant. 

I love being held to account and I value my coach’s input when I’m ready to explore something new or set new goals and intentions. I’m excited to keep unlocking more and more ways to live in alignment with my values. For example, my next step is to dive more into investments now that I’m in a better position to do this. I’ve always felt left out of this conversation because I didn’t understand what was involved. Thanks to WE, I feel confident that I’ll be able to navigate this opportunity confidently. 

My WE membership has been life-transforming. It’s such a cool club to be in and I love being part of an empowering community. I also love WE as a company. It’s an authentic business that empowers its people and its members. 

If you resonate with my story, I 100% encourage you to check out Wealth Enhancers! Have that first conversation. Chat with one of the coaches and see what it brings up for you. You won’t regret it. 

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Disclaimer: all information contained within this article is of a general nature and should not be relied upon when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.