How I Travel Guilt-Free

We’ve all experienced those times when we’ve gone on a holiday only to come back faced with unwelcome feelings about our depleted savings.

On top of that, we decide that for the next few weeks we will just have to spend less and cut back on social activities because we’re feeling a little poor.

Not me!

I went to New Zealand last week with my boyfriend, Scott, a trip we organised last minute (one week in advance).

How did I afford it?

I knew I had been saving automatically every fortnight into a dedicated Holiday savings account. I also knew that I had set myself a travel goal which I allocate $5,000 to every year. Since I hadn’t tapped into it yet, I had the freedom of choice to go.

How did I manage my spending?

Forget about having to exchange large sums of money! These days there are credit cards which are great for overseas travel as there are no international transaction fees. As soon as we knew we were going, we quickly applied for the card and set ourself a small credit limit of $1,000 (which was also reflected in our Holiday savings) and this was the budget for the trip. Goodbye, exchange and international transaction fees! Keep in mind, Scott and I are free of debt so this worked best for us.

How did you manage to be guilt free?

I had been proactive all year round because I had a dedicated account for my holiday savings that is separate to my everyday spending account. I also stuck to a realistic budget and was smart with how I would be funding expenses whole overseas.

Article by Christine Dang