The Power of Manifesting – The Finn Review

Today I’m going to be teaching you magic. I’m going to teach you how to create the life that you really, really desire. Have you ever looked at someone else’s life and just thought – how lucky are they? How did they just keep having so much luck and these magical things just keep happening for them?

I know you have. I definitely have. It’s okay, it’s a natural human condition, we love to compare! What happens though if they weren’t actually lucky? What if they had a process or a formula which enabled them to succeed in life, that enabled them to be happy? I think I’ve discovered that formula. Actually, I know I’ve discovered that formula.

Over my life I’ve been called a master manifestor. A lot of the times people are like – you’re so good at manifesting things, when you put your mind to it, you’re going to achieve it.

Now, for a while I actually resisted this name because I felt like – hang on, I don’t just manifest things, I do the work and I make things happen.

But when I actually looked over my lifetime there were certain times when things just worked a lot easier than other times, things just magically happened and I realized that I had been doing a process all along without realizing it. And it’s what I call the master manifestor process. I believe this is the greatest gift I’m ever going to give to anyone in this lifetime. And I really am excited to see what comes from your knowledge of this and what you put in place in your life. So let’s get into the master manifestor process!

What is a manifestor?

A manifestor is a person who brings something into existence, a being who manifests or a creator, a manifestor, a maker.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. All of you, every single one of you is a creator. A manifestor and maker. All of you are, you just don’t know how to actually use the skill sets you have. I’m going to start with a bit of brain side of things and scientific knowledge because I know sometimes when we get into this spiritual woo-woo, it’s hard for some people, they resist.

So, our mind, our brain is composed of three brains. Traditionally when we think of the brain we have the conscious brain and the subconscious mind. Unfortunately, only 5 % of our day is spent on conscious activities. 95% is subconscious. So we may think that we’re aware but a lot of time we aren’t. And what we need to be looking at is – are our subconscious programs good or not that good for us? Potentially your subconscious programs are not serving you well. So we need to use that 5 % of our conscious thought to change the underlying self-programs to work in your favour.

There are three types of brains

There’s the neocortex, which is our modern day brain, a thinking brain. It’s where we spend most of our time because we love to think, we’re addicted to thinking. Thinking doesn’t serve us that well though if it’s not made of good thoughts. We then have the limbic system which is the feeling brain. When we have an experience, a chemical gets released and we now associate that experience with this feeling.

Once we do that a few times it then goes into our cerebellum brain, which is about being, it’s a habitual brain. It’s that dark subconscious brain. Now traditionally we thought that we had to go through the thinking, the feeling, and the being in a physical way. We used to think that we had to actually experience something in a physical way in order to train our being mind.

This isn’t true. And it’s really interesting where I discovered this was not the place you’d be thinking that we’d be doing spiritual woo-woo work. It was when I was training to be a pilot in the Australian defence force in the military. Where did we spend most of our time training to be a pilot? It wasn’t up in the air in the actual plane, it wasn’t even in the simulator. Where we spent most of that time was sitting on a chair with potentially a broomstick between our hands and we went through a process where we were just thinking about what we were doing when we’re flying. So we’d be sitting here there just thinking – alright we’re taking off, an engine’s gone down. What do we do?

And we’re just going through the process – visualizing what’s actually happening. Now, when we’re visualizing our body can’t tell the difference between actually experiencing something in real life or in a visual state. So the limbic system kicked up and it started releasing chemicals and we started getting these feelings and we started getting this association of what it was like to be flying a plane. And we did this multiple times and then it went into our cerebellum and it became a kind of habit. So when we actually got up into the plane we could do exactly what we’d been thinking without ever having experience in the plane.

So, that’s where I learned the power of visualization, that we don’t need to actually experience something in the real world. We can do it in our head and it creates the exact same experience.

I’m going to go through a manifestation process which makes it really easy for you

I’ve tested this on my team and they’ve seen great results. I’ve tested on my friends and they have changed their lives because of this. So in order to get ready it’s really important that we get into a nice place, calm, into our bodies and out of our mind. There are three great tools to do that: breath work, grounding and meditation.

So, breath work is about activating our breathing. If you don’t believe in magic, just take a breath. that is magic! A few breaths can change our whole cellular makeup in our body. So a few good deep breaths very well can just get us back into our body. Grounding is about getting connected to the earth, feeling connected, not being out of body, while meditation helps you to get into a place where you’re going from a high sort of beta waves mindset down into alpha waves. Dr. Dave Spenser talks about that a lot. So if you want, take a look at his work.

So we’re now ready, we’ve got into a great state. Our process is only 10 minutes if you want to do it quickly. 45 minutes if you want to activate it with a lot of breath work and meditation. Let’s just talk through the ten-minute process. So we’ve done some breathing and some grounding. A really great breathing method is called theĀ 4-7-8 method. Four seconds is breathing in comfortably through your nose, hold for seven seconds and then breathe out for eight seconds making a woosh sound. Do that 4 to 5 times and your whole cellular makeup is changed.

This breathing technique will change your life. If you’re ever feeling anxiety, do this breathing technique. If you can’t get to sleep, do this breathing technique. If you need to make a decision, do this breathing technique first, so a bit of pre-work there.

Follow these steps

  • MANIFEST – step one is to manifest. What is it that you want to manifest in your life? Could it be you want to manifest a loving partner? Is it you want to manifest your dream house? You want to manifest a new role – whatever it is, just make a decision to what you want to manifest.
  • IMAGERY – what represents this manifestation? You just have to have a couple of pictures on your wall like a visual of what would it represent. Vision boards are a great way to bring out this imagery so then you always have it in your head. You can go – all right my dream house looks like this or my dream role has these type of characteristics and create a vision board so you can always bring that imagery really simply.
  • FEEL- the third is to feel. So you need to work out what are the positive emotions that arise when this occurs. Assume that this event has already occurred. What are the positive emotions that will arise? Feel that it could be joy, could be abundance, could be freedom, it could be happiness, whatever it is.
  • ENTITLEMENT – you need to believe that you deserve this, you can’t trick your body. If you don’t believe that it’s possible or believe that you deserve it, it won’t actually happen so you need to set that entitlement. I deserve this to happen, this is the right course for me.
  • MOVEMENT – number five is the fun bit – you need to move with that vision, interact with it. What’s happening when you get that dream job? Imagine it’s already happened – you’re walking in, you’re so excited, you see a big purpose and values on the wall which resonate with you. Everyone’s got smiley faces, people are saying good morning and talking about your role. Whatever it is, you need to interact with it like it’s already happened because it has already happened. Go through that experience. The more you can use your five senses the better. So what do you smell, what do you feel, what are you seeing, what are you hearing, what are you touching? Whatever it is just really bring it to life and build on it every day when you do this.
  • ELEVATE – number six is so important – our body needs to get into an elevated state, we need to raise our emotions. The two most powerful emotions are love and gratitude. You need to go – alright – I’m so grateful that this has occurred, I’m just really in a loving state. You need to love yourself first and believe that you deserve this because when you love yourself first you’ll then be in a place where you can be in a great state of gratitude. When you’re in a state of gratitude you can receive everything that’s out there, so really elevate that emotion.
  • ACTION – and then finally you need to be thinking about how would this person who has achieved this intention, this vision, how would they act in their normal day? You can’t get up as the same person as you sat down. You need to act like it already happened because it has happened, so think about what would that person be doing, how would they be interacting with their general day. And then you need to get up and act like that person because you are that person, you’ve attracted your future.

And finally, you just need to be intentional and live in the now

You can’t think about the future, you can’t be thinking that you’re in a place of lacking. You need to trust that you’ve done your process and the universe will provide in a way that’s right for you. You can’t be setting deadlines and dates and really find out things.

Let the universe show you the way that’s right for you. And the best way to do that is to live in the now and act like it’s already happened because it has, you just gotta get there and when you act that way, magic will just come.

So what I recommend is doing this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Make these thoughts you start your day with the thoughts you put into your subconscious mind at night time. It’s only 10 minutes, but it’s going to create a dream life. Do this for 30 days and tell me what you have manifested because you are gonna change your life and I’m so excited to be part of it!

Be intentional and live the now.