The One Wealth-Creation Secret Successful Women Haven’t Yet Tried


How would it feel to have enough money to say YES to anything you want. I’m talking about a bank balance to:

  • Travel the world without feeling guilty
  • Pick a job you love over the one with a ‘sensible’ salary
  • Have more time for the hobbies you enjoy

What’s your figure? And would you be willing to share it publicly? 

Most people happily say a figure in their head, but few feel comfortable saying it out loud. We’ve inherited this money secrecy from older generations – and it’s a habit that’s hurting us. 

This secrecy has made money a taboo, meaning we can’t talk freely about our challenges, questions, and knowledge gaps. Instead, we feel guilt, shame, and embarrassment around our money situation. The only way out of these feelings is to pretend money doesn’t matter, but inside we know it does. That’s why we have endless money conversations with ourselves – most of them disempowering and stress-creating! 

This money talk habit is a big problem. If you don’t understand what money is or how it works – you can’t use it properly or leverage it fully. In turn, you never get a look behind the curtain of wealth. Instead, you continue to believe those wealthy people are somehow special or have something you don’t. 

They’re not.

Instead, they’ve learned to master money by talking about financial matters openly with people who can help and advise. And you can do the same with these four steps.

1. Accept that money is at the core of everything

“When I was young I thought that money was the most important thing in life; now that I am old I know that it is.” – Oscar Wilde.

In an ideal world, money wouldn’t be at the intersection of everything, but it is. Money matters – a lot. In today’s society, you need money to fulfil your basic needs. 

Gone are the days of subsistence farming and bartering. In our technology-dependent age, we’re disconnected from food production. Without money, we’d barely survive a week! 

As a collective, we’ve made money THE most essential thing in the world. It’s become as critical as air! You must accept this fact.

When you acknowledge what money is, you view it differently. You take it more seriously. You budget more strictly and spend more wisely. You don’t want to brush over money matters. Instead, you’re excited to understand the hidden forces at play and create a better relationship. 

This doesn’t make your life money-centric. Instead, you allow yourself to feel empowered, free, and happy around money, so it becomes fuel for a life you love.

2. Understand what money really is 

Money is a highly-changed word shrouded with negative associations. For example, it’s ‘dirty’ and the ‘root of all evil’. With these stories, is it any wonder we feel awkward and disempowered? 

But like there is clean air in some countries and dirty air in others, money can be ‘good’ or ‘bad’ – you choose. That’s because money is simply energy. Yup, this is the view most happy billionaires have.  You can let this money truth transform your perspective too. 

Remember, energy is never lost; it just gets transferred into another form. 

That’s precisely how money works. You don’t ‘lose’ money. Instead, you transform it into the products, services, and experiences you buy.

Of course, you receive money because money flows in a cycle. When you give value through your career or your business, you create a void and replace it with cash. You then spend or invest this cash, and the energetic cycle continues. 

When you understand this flow, you can build an abundance mindset knowing there’s plenty of money! If you want more money, either create more value or spend less. It’s that simple! 

This truth empowers you by putting you in the driver’s seat. You control and direct the flow of money around you, and you can use this power to build wealth.  

3. Have empowering conversations around money

When you understand how money works, you can build wealth in a way that creates happiness, freedom, and abundance NOW. You’re not thinking about retirement or building security for the future alone. Instead, you’re focused on how best to use your money today. 

This empowered relationship takes multiple forms: 

  • You feel more connected to your money and spend in alignment with your values – your money stretches further.
  • You take ownership of your current financial wellness and know what you need to change to create more balance. 
  • You’re excited to do the inner work and understand how money makes you feel – so you can transform any limiting beliefs. 
  • You shine the light on scarcity mindsets and replace them for abundance.  
  • You want to invest in the financial education, accountability and support to ensure you thrive now – and in the future. 
  • You tailor a wealth-creation plan that fits your situation, intentions, and longer-term desires.
  • You introduce positive constraints into your life and even cut up your credit card!
  • You reduce – even eliminate stress or worry because you use systems, processes, and automation to create financial freedom. 
  • You help other people uncover their money challenges and inspire friends to join the journey. Together, everyone changes their money behaviours.  
  • You’re more open to wealth-creating opportunities because you see more.

To name just a few! 

4. Talk to a Wealth Enhancers coach 

Money talk shouldn’t make you feel guilty, ashamed, uncomfortable, or unhappy. 

Ignore those outdated money paradigms that keep you stuck and undermine your potential. Instead, create an intentional relationship with money and you’ll unlock more abundance, freedom, and happiness. 

It’s what we do for our members. 

We believe money talk should leave you excited, inspired, and empowered as well as clear, confident, and committed to your next steps. 

So if you’re not in love with your money conversations, we’d love to kick-start a new one. 

Get a taste of the empowering conversations our members experience when you book your Financial Happiness Call today – it’s free. 

It’s transformative. 

And it could be the start of money having a whole new meaning in your life 🙂

What have you got to lose? 

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Disclaimer: All information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.