The four hurdles to achieving your goals.


When a new year begins we are always full of hope…

Hope that in the coming year all those things we wanted to achieve last year will finally happen plus more.

Energy is high and goals are big. We are ready and rearing to go!

But as January passes us by, and we are back at work and in the swing of life, our focus starts to shift from marathons and travel to dishes and bills, and all the resolutions we set on new years day start to seem a little unrealistic.

Momentum begins to fall away and it’s only the beginning of February.

I see this all the time, with clients, friends and from time to time, even myself.

This has made me start thinking about momentum. Why do we lose it? How do we keep it high? And ultimately how do we make sure that when midnight strikes to mark the start of 2014, we feel we have moved forward and achieved, or are on our way to achieving, our goals?

Every day I speak to people about their goals.

I sit with my clients and drill right into what is really important to them, what they value most and what their real measurable goals are. We align their goals to their values and map out a plan to get there. It’s amazing the excitement that can come from just seeing your goals and plan right in front of you.

But the challenge is what happens next.

What happens when you close the book and walk away? So many times people fail to reach their goals, not because it wasn’t realistic or because they no longer want it but because they fail to keep the momentum when the hurdles appear.

I really feel that knowing the hurdles are coming is the only way to be prepared to jump over them.

I recently heard a theory on why people don’t achieve goals which I have been using to help my clients and with myself to stay on track in 2013 which I would love to share.

The theory broke goal achievement into four categories and I see them as the four hurdles to achieving your goals.

The first hurdle is the biggest and it is getting started

The majority of goals people set are not reached simply because they fail to take the first step.

Ideas are easy to come by, our minds come up with a million ideas a day but we can never accomplish anything without first making a decision to try and just taking one step towards turning an idea into reality.

It is a simple hurdle to jump but the one that holds most back. So I suggest to everyone I speak to about goal setting to write your goals down, read them every day and do something… anything to get the ball rolling. Break a goal into mini stages and just DO IT.

If we push past this fear and take the first step, what you find is there are many more steps to come. That brings me to the second hurdle.

The second hurdle appears when we realise there are so many more steps to come and the goal is going to be HARD to achieve.

We look at the road ahead and what we thought was a great idea starts to look unrealistic and too far away. So what do we do? We give up.

When we get to this point it is really important to keep the momentum going and focus on the mini goals. Anything worth having is worth working hard for and this is why it is so important to ensure your goals are things we are really passionate about achieving. Passion is the only way to keep the momentum.

So we keep moving, and moving, and moving, and moving.

And you know what happens? We get BORED.

Do anything enough times and you will get bored of it.

We are evolving human beings with a need for excitement and change. When we are on the road to somewhere it is very common to get over it and give up.

Change direction, start chasing another goal or pursuing another idea.

But this is just hurdle number three. If we don’t push through this we are not going to achieve our goals. What I suggest with my clients is that at this point you start celebrating mini-milestones.

I have always loved the saying that ‘success is a journey not a destination’. It is important to try and find little ways to enjoy the mundane repetitive tasks that sometimes come with accomplishing anything.

If you can enjoy the journey and keep moving forward with your goal achievement you will come to a point where you can see the finish line. You will get so close to the achievement of your goal and it will feel GREAT!

But just be aware that this is where hurdle number four is sitting- the close enough hurdle

I have been known to fall over this one before and I am determined to make sure I don’t trip up here again.

Close enough is not good enough and when you have worked so hard and come so far the extra little effort to get to the end result will be worth it!

So whether they are financial goals, fitness goals, career goals when you feel like you are off track, remember the four hurdles, jump over them and make 2013 your best one yet!


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Disclaimer: Information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not be rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.