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Meet Andrea

As a spender, I’d been accumulating debt since my early 20s and I’d reached a point where it was sending me crazy. I didn’t know how to manage my money and the people in my life didn’t either. Instead of creating a strategy where I could pay down debt and still have money in the bank, I was relying on loans. 

I’d take out one loan to cover another loan – and then another loan to cover that one… 

I hoped this would work, but after seven years of trying, my situation snowballed into this big, overwhelming ball of financial debt.


Meet Jeanette

She’s ambitious yet humble and inspiringly successful. Redefining what it means to have it all by juggling growing businesses that offer career coaching and business branding as well as rocking a digital innovation career focused on financial solutions. She’s straight down the line girl you’ll want to have a wine with, preferably in one of Melbourne’s most rated restaurants, as food is a big passion of hers.

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Meet Ian Caplin

He’s the brains behind the sales channel for the APAC region at Salesforce, is motivated by working with great people and has built a career on supporting and driving sales through his love of tackling big chunky questions and in his own words dealing with the “nerdy numbers”. With frequent travel on the agenda, you’ll find him either surfing some of the world’s best waves, having a few beers with his mates or just hanging out with his wife Ash and their English Bulldog Eggo.

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Meet Sydney

When I joined Wealth Enhancers, I wasn’t in a good place financially. 

I was getting divorced after 10 months of marriage. Despite believing I was an independent woman, my divorce highlighted that I’d become financially dependent on my husband and my dad. While I contributed to the rent and the bills, my husband covered everything else – including our expensive social life. My dad also helped me pay for extra things, such as my annual ski pass.