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Your superannuation is your largest and most important asset. If you’re like most of us millennials, you probably haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to your superannuation until recently when you realised you’ve built up quite an account balance over the years! It’s time to take control of that money, because it’s your money. With a self-managed superannuation fund you can invest in property, shares and even start-up companies. You have full control over what your money is being invested in.

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In our FREE SMSF Consultation we will:

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  • Analyse your opportunities
  • Explain in detail how an SMSF works
  • Determine suitability

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When we're talking about SMSF, what are we talking about and who should be using one? SMSF = Self Managed Super Fund. Wealth Enhancers Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard answers the frequently asked questions regarding self-managed super funds: How much money do you need? How long will it take until I reach financial freedom with an SMSF? What kind of attitude towards my superannuation do I need to set up a self-managed super fund? What if I already have an SMSF and want to ramp it up? Watch on to learn more about whether a Self-Managed Super Fund might suit you.