Set Intentions, NOT New Year’s Resolutions

Lea Schodel

Right now, a lot of people are setting New Year’s Resolutions with the view to improve their finances. But does this strategy really work long-term? 

Science says it doesn’t. In fact, it’s claimed that 92% of people never achieve their goals. It’s not the most uplifting statistic – especially when you have big plans for yourself and your life. So what should you do instead to shift your financial situation so you can create Financial Happiness and feel happier, freer, and more abundant? 

Let me introduce you to a practice I use all the time. It’s highly effective and even better – it’s super easy to implement. 

Energy flows where intention goes 

[And what you focus on expands].

Have you noticed that the areas of your life, which get the most attention often generate the best results? For example, if health is one of your top values it’s likely your exercise and wellbeing routines and rituals are non-negotiables. You’ll prioritise these activities to ensure they happen and you reap the rewards in terms of your health and energy levels. 

In comparison, if health isn’t high on your values list, your workout, diet, and drinking water rituals soon disappear when something else demands your attention. 

In other words, you can create a better financial position for yourself by simply by putting your focus on the intention to create more wealth. 

Now before you dismiss this as Law of Attraction woo woo, this practice doesn’t mean you can just think about getting wealthier and watch the dollars roll in! No! You have to take action too. 

Let me share a story from my school years to reinforce this point.

Here’s a picture of the ten-year-old me – circa 1992 [If you’re trying to spot me, I’m the red-head in the middle! I know, I’m cringing too!] 

Back then I was obsessed with netball and my favourite position to play was Goal Attack or Goal Shooter. The problem was, I wasn’t very tall and that put me at a big disadvantage on the court. 

I decided I wasn’t going to be beaten by my genes. Instead, I took action. First, I set an intention that I was going to be one of the best shooters on the team, and then I got to work. 

This was my ritual…

Every afternoon when I came home from school I set myself a challenge to shoot 100 consecutive hoops. If I missed a shot, I’d have to start again – even if I’d already scored 90. 

In the beginning, this challenge took me an hour or two, but eventually I could clock up 100 hoops in around 15 minutes. I could even shoot a hoop from anywhere in the circle with a blindfold on! 

This confidence this practice gave me translated over into my game. It didn’t matter if I was up against the tallest or the biggest defender, I could shoot – and score – virtually every time. As a result, I did become one of the best shooters on the team. In fact, I made the representative side and played A-Grade netball a few years later. Although I don’t play netball anymore, that competitive streak is still very much there! 

Put attention onto your finances

This same principle will work with your finances. 

If you have an intention to create more wealth and abundance in 2020, try putting more focus and attention on your thoughts, behaviours, and actions connected with money. For example, notice what you think when you plan your investments. Be aware of how you use your personal spending allocation. Notice what shows up when you get a bill or an unexpected windfall. 

Remember, energy flows where intention goes – and what you focus on expands.

If  finances get your attention consistently, you’ll have a much better chance of transforming your relationship with money. Whether you want to save, invest, build your Get Out of Jail account, or pay down your debt, focus and energy makes it more likely the results will follow. 

Let’s explore three practices that allow you to try this out for yourself. 

1. Money mindset.

Pay attention to your money story. Notice what associations money throws up for you. Question whether or not those associations are a help or a hindrance. [Don’t be surprised if you uncover some big things here. Money is a taboo subject that’s highly emotionally-charged. Our internal dialogues and conversations around money can be very disempowering.] 

2. Money beliefs. 

Notice what you believe you deserve. Do you think you’re worthy or capable of creating more wealth? Remember, everything you have starts out as a thought. 

3. Money behaviours and habits. 

Notice what you do with your money. How do you feel about spending? Do you feel guilty? Are you fearful? Are you wasteful? 

The journey to Financial Happiness begins with an intention to create this experience in our lives. If you focus your energy in this direction, you’ll feel more empowered to achieve your financial goals.

And if you need some help, we’re here for you – whether you are on your wealth-creation path, we’ve got the support and tools that can help you create financial happiness [whatever that means for you.]

Disclaimer: All information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.