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What a Finance Expert Has Been Doing With Their Finances

Why Do I Need Insurance

Welcome to this episode of WEtv, where we're talking everybody's favourite topic: insurance. Before you switch off thinking this is dry and boring, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard are here to tell you that you need insurance now more than you'll ever need it in your life.

What Does it Mean to Leverage Your Wealth

In this episode, Wealth Enhancers co-founder Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard talk all things gearing, leverage and "hookin up some debt"!

Busy-ness 101

Busy-ness is bullsh*t and it's proliferating our lives! This week Sarah and Rebecca are calling BS on being busy!

Minimalism and Getting Rich

Are Sarah and Rebecca Material Girls? Sarah and Rebecca talk about consumerism and the proliferation of stuff that’s just not conducive to a GRS lifestyle.

Managing Money While Traveling

Sarah and Rebecca talk about sticking on a budget while travelling, having travel goals, how they have changed their saving for travel ways since they were younger, how not to come home from a trip in debt and more.

How to Raise Your Standard of Living

This episode has Sarah and Rebecca talking about the difference between instant gratification and delayed gratification and generally how they spend their money and the different standards of living this affords them.

Why Aren’t I Rich Yet?

What are the money beliefs or fears that are making you stuck and keeping you from moving forward to where you could be? Sarah and Rebecca talk about what's holding you back from really building wealth and becoming rich.

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