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There is NO Get Rich Quick

In this first-ever WEtv episode, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard talk about the Get Rich Slow philosophy, having your personal value for money, financial and lifestyle goals, budgeting and little actions adding up.

How to Get OUT of Debt

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How We Manage Our Personal Spending Habits

In this episode of WEtv, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard are talking that sexy subject: personal spending. PLUS, Sarah and Rebecca share their personal weekly spending amounts.

What is Financial Freedom

What would you do if money wasn't an issue? Would you study more? Travel more? Worry less? Would you take more risks with your business knowing you had a safety net to fall back on? Would you completely pivot and live a totally different life? What we're talking about is financial freedom and this, Millennials, is our Holy Grail!

What is an Abundance Mindset

In this episode of WEtv, we're talking something a little more spiritual than usual, but just because it's woo-woo doesn't mean it doesn't work! We're focusing on the abundance mindset and how this can infiltrate all areas of our lives.

How Our Parents Shaped Our Relationship With Money

In this very personal episode, WE CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and financial coach Rebecca Pritchard share experiences from their childhood and how their parents affected their feelings about and how they value money.

What is Tall Poppy Syndrome

What is tall poppy syndrome and why is it such an epidemic in Australia? And why do we call our community of high achieving Millennial tall poppies? All this and Sarah sharing a particular instance of tall poppy syndrome that she experienced (that we've all agreed NOT to Google, okay?!)

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