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Our completely free personal finance course covers everything you should’ve been taught about money at school, but weren’t.

FACT: We were not taught how to manage our money at school!

Because of this, we’re often paralysed when it comes to knowing what to do with our hard earned dollars, or where to even start. Putting a plan in place can be scary, and it can feel easier to continue living pay cheque to pay cheque… however, there is another way, and it doesn’t involve crazy sacrifices and two-minute noodles! Live the life you want, now and into the future, simply by being organised with your finances and becoming comfortable with investing.

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Knowing how much mullah is coming in, planning what you’re comfortable spending it on, and then taking action with what is leftover (saving and investing) is what will MAKE YOU RICH.


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Welcome to this episode of WEtv, where we're talking everybody's favourite topic: insurance. Before you switch off thinking this is dry and boring, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard are here to tell you that you need insurance now more than you'll ever need it in your life.

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In this episode, Wealth Enhancers co-founder Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard talk all things gearing, leverage and "hookin up some debt"!

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