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“Two years after starting my Wealth Enhancers journey, I have no debt, I use debit cards instead of credit cards, and I have $30,000 in savings.”
– Sydney

Meet Andrea

What does Andrea think about working with Wealth Enhancers?

“I found Wealth Enhancers through a friend. He’s very successful at what he does and I was in a bit of money trouble. When I came into WE I was really stressed out and I had a lot of baggage. I kind of got to that point where I was like, Okay, you need to sort your life out now! I feel like life can get in the way a lot, especially of your goals, so it’s really good to be able to have that person that can ground you and get you back on track, so that’s the best thing that I find about WE. The WE team is so great, they’re so much fun. I feel like it’s such a big world with finance and investment and I think that Gen Y would definitely benefit from knowing more about it.”

– Andrea Girvin


Meet Erin

Would Erin Watson-Lynn recommend Wealth Enhancers?

“When I started with Wealth Enhancers I was terrible with money. I think the biggest difference for me was about behavioural change and now I find that the day-to-day management of my finances is so much easier. I’ve definitely become a lot more debt-averse and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without getting that really hands on advice that I’ve had from Wealth Enhancers. I found the overall experience to be quite liberating because I finally understand my money and I actually feel like I’ve got control of my finances for the first time in years. For people that want to actually manage their money and achieve short term goals as well as long term ones, they’re the people that I’d recommend Wealth Enhancers to.”

– Erin Watson-Lynn