WE Are Proud To Be A B Corp


Why are we proud to be a B Corp? Watch the video.


We’re so proud to be a B Corp at Wealth Enhancers because it means that we’re standing up for something. It’s about doing business for good and being part of a movement which is focused on making the world a better place. – Finn Kelly, CEO


I’m really proud that Wealth Enhancers is a B Corp. I believe that this is the future of business, doing business for good, not just for commercial reasons, ensuring that what we’re doing as entrepreneurs is actually good for people and good for the planet. – Sarah Riegelhuth, CEO


The reason why I’m proud to be a B Corp-er is because we are part of a global movement to make the planet a better place for future generations. Working with like-minded businesses who are also B Corp certified like method, Republica coffee, Who Gives A Crap toilet paper who are all featured in our WE welcome packs to working in a phenomenal co-office working space like One Roof, is making this happy B Corp-er proud as punch! – April Conde, Member Happiness Gladiator


Just because we work with money and people’s finances doesn’t mean we’re all greedy fuckers! Being a B Corp is part of being a much bigger movement and something that we’re enormously proud to be a part of. – Rebecca Pritchard, Financial Coach

For us, our Big Arse Hairy Goal is to make millennials the most financially free generation that ever existed. Bringing that to the table is really exciting for us and like all other B Corps, they also have big goals that are bigger than themselves. I’m excited to be part of this community and to be part of the movement to be better for the world, not just better for ourselves. – Freya Poyton, Financial Coach