Philanthropy with Finn Kelly


Finn Kelly loves a bow tie, but there are times when he is without his signature accessory.

You probably know Finn Kelly as the forward-thinking co-founder of Wealth Enhancers.

If you talk to Finn, you are overwhelmed with his positive attitude and often find yourself suddenly wrapped up in his passion for entrepreneurship.

But we suspect you don’t know Finn’s charitable and philanthropic quests are just as important to him and equally sound as his business acumen.

Philanthropy with Finn Kelly

It’s not all glamorous. This year will see Finn swap his bow-tie for chef whites and another night of discomfort as he finds a cardboard box his only luxury.

Why bother with spending a considerable amount of scarcely available personal time on charitable missions?

It’s simple. Finn Kelly wants to encourage other young leaders to be involved themselves in working towards solutions for problems within society. The more people that follow Finn’s lead, the better for everyone. It’s all action and little talk on this front.

As a collective, society often feels paralysed by issues. We feel they are too big for us to have any impact on.

The reality is, together as a society we can in fact have a meaningful contribution.

We can all donate in someway – financial, time and resources are common means. Ultimately Finn hopes to inspire the masses to be more cognisant of the power of contribution when it comes to finding solutions for the issues facing our society.

This year marks the third year Finn is participating in the annual CEO SleepOut in the midst of Melbourne’s winter.

There is a fundraising mission behind it, but Finn’s objective is bigger than dollars raised. It’s to learn more about homelessness to work out a plan for society to help. It is the same principle for involving himself in the CEO CookOff.

Combining business intellect with a little bit more knowledge puts Finn on the right path to helping society deal with structural issues. Issues which are often labelled as overwhelming.

It is also the prime opportunity for Finn to learn from those who are doing amazing things for our community so he can apply his own skills to help improve society.

Taking snippets of what he has learned from participating in organised charity events to-date, Finn has taken it upon himself to organise a 10×10 event in Melbourne.

The initiative brings 10 people together who each invite 10 people to an evening designed to raise money for charity. Over $10,000 will be raised in a couple of hours from the very people Finn wants inspire to take action. This effort is no mean feat.

Beyond this, there is much more Finn quietly goes about when it comes to their charitable missions. It just goes on behind closed doors.

Join Finn in the causes he is getting behind or find an initiative you are passionate about and involve yourself.

Together, we can all make a change.