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WE believe in pushing hard to achieve your goals and smashing through any barriers along the way. However, sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, and you may end up ill, injured or unable to work. Having a wealth protection strategy in place can mean that financially, your goals don’t have to be affected. This allows you to focus on getting better! WE know wealth protection isn’t particularly fun to think about, or talk about, but it’s a vital part of everyone’s life. To make it a bit easier, WE’re happy to do a complimentary insurance review for you! That’s how serious WE are about getting protection in place.

Wealth Enhancers Benefits

Ongoing financial advice
Regular coaching sessions
Financial administration
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  • Review your existing insurances

  • Analyse your needs

  • Explain in detail how the insurance process works

  • Determine suitability

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This 30 mins free consultation helps to find out whether your cover is up to date, and what options you may have to protect your wealth. This session is to review your current cover or discuss any cover you may need and answer any questions. Session held online via Zoom. By completing a booking to our Consultation you are agreeing to sign up for our email newsletter.

Death, disablement and divorce. Before you switch off thinking this is dry and boring, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard are here to tell you that you need insurance now more than you'll ever need it in your life.