Why you need to care about personal insurance!

Being a millennial, I must admit that life is pretty good at the moment!

There are plenty of great events occurring for me and my friends at this point: weddings, overseas trips, purchasing homes and starting businesses.

These are all big goals and events that are common place for those born between 1981 and 1994.

They add to our experiences, enrich the relationships we have with those we complete them with and make us happy and improve our lives.

Since working at WE from the start of 2014, the clarity I have about what life is all about has never been clearer!

Part of WE’s purpose, and now my purpose, is to enable it’s members to live a life driven by their values.

Broken down, this means to be able to spend your life doing the things that make you happy, when you want, with those you want to spend your time with.

To achieve this way of living and to be in a position to live a life aligned with your values, in constant pursuit of your goals, you have to be in control of your money!

There is no way around this.

I would say that close to 90% of the things you want to do, have or experience in the future are going to require money to be able to do them. Whether it be going on a holiday, starting a business or taking your partner or family out to a nice dinner. This is the reason it is SO important to be in control of your money, so that you are in a position to do all the things that make you happy.

What does this all have to do with personal insurance? I thought you would never ask!

All those experiences, goals and events that millennials are going through or planning for at the moment require money.

This is perfectly fine when you are working, healthy and things are going great. BUT, and it’s a big but, what if life gets in the way and something happens to you?

What if something happens to you that impacts your ability to work and earn that income that you require for all those amazing things you want from your life?

Now I know what you’re thinking: I’m young, fit and healthy and nothing will to happen to me. Why should I worry about paying for insurance?

Let me ask you something. Do you know anyone in your circle of friends or wider network who is under the age of 35 who has been diagnosed with a major medical illness like cancer? Been in a car accident where they have been severely injured? Or absolute worst case, passed away from an accident or sickness?

I will assume the answer to at least one of those is ‘yes’ for 90% of the people reading this article.

 I can personally count at least ten people in my network off the bat who have been through one of those major events. No, I’m not trying to scare you. I don’t want to harp on and be negative. But I do want to get you thinking and show you that life happens to us all.

I believe it should be the goal of everyone to live an amazing life and fill it with as many awesome trips, events and experiences as they can.

I believe that we should all be using the money we earn to chase these experiences. We should be trying to live the best possible life we can.

And I also believe that just because life gets in the way and we get thrown a curveball, we shouldn’t have to give up on these dreams and goals.

That is where personal insurance comes in.

The purpose of having personal insurance in place is to protect all the things that matter in your life.

Your goals, your income (what’s going to pay for everything), your family and the things you really care about.

Don’t think about it as insurance think of it as wealth protection because that is what you are doing. You are making sure that all the things in your life that you care about are protected. Goals and dreams will still take place. Even if something bad happens to you.

I hope this opens your eyes, changes your thinking and gets you taking some action to protect your goals. Living a life aligned with your values chasing your goals is what it is all about. I hope you can live your ideal life and have peace of mind. No matter what life throws at you, your dreams and goals are going to take place.

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The information above is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances. If you’d like to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail book a Free Strategy Session.


Disclaimer: Information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not be rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.