My Response To Coronavirus – Time To Create A New World

By Finnian Kelly

Sending you love and light during these crazy times. I was speaking with one of the team today and they described the current turn of events like living in a movie. I think she’s right. If it’s any consolation we’re all in this together. We’re all united against the same ‘enemy’. Because of that, I have a feeling some good will come out of this – in time. 

But before we get to creating this new world, we have to navigate and mitigate the TWO parasites going around. 

First, there’s COVID-19. This isn’t a time for complacency. We all have to do our bit with diligent handwashing, social distancing, and where possible, staying at home. I get that this is hard, but we adapt because we know we’re not doing this for ourselves alone. We’re protecting our parents and grandparents as well as the incredible health care workers who are on the front line fighting this. 

Second, there’s fear [and lots of it] – which can also be a killer. We’re worried about our health, our jobs, and our money. We’re also grieving for a lifestyle that we didn’t appreciate fully until it was suddenly pulled out from under us. 

Events have moved so fast and the shock in itself is raising cortisol levels. [Maybe when I wake up, this will all be a dream…]

But amongst all the craziness and chaos, there are some beautiful opportunities – when you’re ready to see them. 

For example, there’s nothing like fear to spur you into action! Channel your fear proactively, and you can start to take back control and move your life forward in the direction of your choice. 

There’s also a huge opportunity to emerge financially stronger and build more independence. With the global markets in turmoil, there’s an opportunity like no other to kick-start your wealth creation path in a way that will transform your future. [If you’ve got the right strategy.] 

There’s even the opportunity to start over. You may find you enjoy the experience of remote working. You may discover time to work on that side project you’ve been putting off. You might grab this chance to re-evaluate what’s really important, and create a whole new life for yourself.

So it’s worth remembering that while you might not have any control over the situation that’s unfolding, you CAN control how you respond to it. 

And you can most definitely use these times to create Financial Happiness. 

So if you feel called to find opportunities and you’re ready to carve out a new life in this new world, here’s what I invite you to do. 

Each day, do something PRACTICAL and something POSITIVE. 

For example, a practical step might be to review your spending so you can free up more emergency savings – just in case. A positive step might be to practice yoga or take some deep conscious breaths to strengthen your mindset. 

For further ideas, check out my daily update videos. I’m sharing valuable insights and strategies on the Wealth Enhancers accounts too. 

Remember, you don’t need to make any big decisions now. It’s perfectly OK to take one day at a time as you continue to adjust and adapt. It’s even OK to get it ‘wrong’. 

The key is to do something. 

So remember your new mantra – PRACTICAL and POSITIVE. Start this new habit and start today. 

If you surrender fully to this journey presented by COVID-19, you can unlock the greatest spiritual growth you’ve ever had. Figure out how to navigate this crisis, and you’ll be able to get through just about anything. Then when the world is ready to move forward again, you’ll be in the best possible place to help create it. Maybe that’s the biggest opportunity of them all.  

And maybe you were born for these times. 

Choose Financial Happiness. 


Wealth Enhancers Founder. 

P.S. If you want to speak with someone about your finances during these challenging times, we’ve got you. Simply book your Financial Happiness Call today

Disclaimer: All information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.