Millennials. Use This 5-Step Plan To Travel Without Guilt


Like most millennials I know, I love to travel. It’s hard to beat being in a new place, experiencing a different culture, and meeting new people. And I’m not alone. According to the 2019 Deloitte Millennial Survey, the number one aspiration for Australian millennials is to travel with 59% stating this as a top ambition. But despite this desire, lots of millennials feel guilty about getting away. 

Do you? 

When it comes to guilt, the cost of travelling is a common cause. Fortunately, this is an easy problem to solve. Follow this 5-step plan, and you can tick through your travelling dreams minus the guilt.

1. Open a travel savings account


If you have no budget for holidays, you’ll always feel guilty when you travel. Without a pot of allocated cash to draw from, you’ll be forced to pay for vacations from your savings, your credit card, or your latest paycheck. This piles on the guilt because of the other expenses and commitments you have to cover with these resources. 

If a holiday puts you under financial pressure, of course, you’ll feel guilty, and you’ll struggle to enjoy yourself too. You can avoid this when you allocate a monthly holiday budget from your income. This can quickly build up: 

  • $250 a month = $3,000 a year
  • $500 a month = $6,000 a year 
  • $750 a month = $9,000 a year

This budgeting strategy removes guilt because: 

  • This money is allocated specifically for travel – you can only spend this money on your holidays
  • There’s no pressure to ‘find’ money to take a break because cash is already there
  • Holiday savings become as routine as paying utility bills – it’s just part of what you do and what you budget for

2. Travel with intention


Do you need to spend $1000s on a luxury beach resort in Tahiti, or is there a different way to experience what you want?   

It’s easy to believe you need a massive budget to travel – especially when flashy magazines and Instagram posts swamp you! But if your holiday ambitions are out of your budget, you either won’t go, or you’ll feel guilty when you over-stretch yourself. 

Instead of focusing on destinations, ask yourself what you want to experience from your holiday. Take a honeymoon. You probably want to feel special, create amazing memories, and feel a deep connection with your partner. You don’t need a beach resort [that requires a loan or a credit card] to experience that! Instead, use your travel intentions to seek out alternative in-budget options. 

You can also use intentional travel when you’re away. For example, if you hate trailing around old buildings and churches, you don’t have to! Forget what people say you ‘should’ do when visiting a particular destination. Do what makes you feel good, and you won’t spend money needlessly on things you won’t enjoy. 

Guilt-free travel here you come! 

3. Agree on a daily budget


There’s nothing worse than having a great holiday, only to come home to a massive credit card bill. Welcome to the holiday hangover! When your finances leave you feeling guilty after a holiday, you don’t feel so good about travel – especially if it takes you months to get back on track. Far better to agree on an affordable budget – and stick to it. 

Let’s say you have $1,000 to spend and you’re going away for five days – this gives you a daily spending budget of $200. With this figure pinned down, you can be more responsible and intentional with your spending. Intentional spending doesn’t mean you have to be stingy. Instead, it’s about checking in with yourself to ensure you spend on the things you value the most. 

With a daily budget, you won’t splurge in the early days – then hate yourself for the rest of your break! Instead, you can have a great time. And if you want to take that helicopter ride over the bay, budget accordingly and you probably can. 

With a daily budget, you’ll come back feeling awesome knowing your holiday didn’t hurt. Best of all, if intentional spending has meant there’s budget left, put it back in your holiday savings account and increase the pot for your next break. 

4. Earn money on holiday


If you want to, you can use the sharing economy to make money while you’re away. You can rent your home on Airbnb; you can even rent your car in some locations. Some of my peers have also used these sites to travel with their children for 6-months plus. If you rent your house and live in a country with lower living costs, it’s doable.

You could also take a holiday with the intention to start a side hustle or develop a new product. 

Think outside the box and change your paradigm of what holidays mean, and you could use travelling to get richer. 

5. Make your money work while you’re away


How would it feel to know you would go financially forward while you’re on holiday? 

Most people don’t experience this. Instead, they get stuck with a financial hangover that leaves them feeling guilty and playing catch-up when they get back. 

But spend within your means and stick to your budget and every holiday will increase your wealth. Here’s how: 

  • You’ll spend more time doing what you enjoy – that’s real wealth
  • You won’t have to worry about money so you can be more present
  • You’ll have a better time because you won’t stress over cash
  • You’ll be able to relax and recharge, which makes you more productive when you return to work  

Something else…

When you save monthly for your holidays [step 1], you don’t have to find a big pot of cash to getaway. You don’t have to use a credit card, ‘steal’ money you saved for an emergency or cut back elsewhere in your budget. Moneywise, everything continues as usual. You keep:

  • Adding to your investment account
  • Building your savings
  • Paying all your bills without a second thought 

You don’t have to worry about money because your holiday savings account has you covered. Instead, you can get busy having a great time. That’s true financial freedom while travelling and it’s one of the things we empower our members to do.  

Would you like to enjoy the same? 

Ready to build your holiday playbook?


Would you like to change what travel means for you and empower yourself to take guilt-free holidays that make you wealthier? If so, sign up for your free strategy call with a Wealth Enhancers coach today. 

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Disclaimer: All information contained within this article is of a general nature. Do not rely upon it when making financial decisions. Please consult a professional financial advisor or planner (like us!) before acting.