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Our team consists of Australia’s best financial coaches

We Are Gladiators

Nurturing is in our DNA, we care about the welfare of our community and go over the cliff for our members. We don’t dwell on the negatives and take an upbeat approach to our days even when ‘life’ can hit. We set and smash goals, just like our members and we’re not afraid to show it.

WE Founders

The WE Team

6 years ago we started this incredible journey. Our goal was clear from day one: we wanted to make our generation the most financially free generation in history. Six years later, not only is the passion we pour into making this a reality as strong as ever, but our energy and drive keep growing with every goal smashed by our members. We're deeply grateful for our incredible team and everything we've achieved together, and even more excited about what we'll be creating in the future. Here's a look at the amazing ride we've had so far: