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Feeling overwhelmed and constantly stressing over your finances, not knowing how to save or get rid of debt? 59% of Australians state their finances keep them up at night. But a sharp financial wellness plan can help you escape the wrong statistics.



Our Co-founder Finn Kelly on Taking Ownership of your Situation

Your financial situation is hurting you in more ways than you think!

Us Millennials are often called the self-care generation. Why? Because we are deeply invested in staying healthy and fit, finding balance and constantly improving ourselves.

Isn’t it weird that we don’t pay as much attention to our financial wellbeing?

Money plays such a crucial role in our lives – it directly affects our health, our relationships, our biggest decisions and even our capacity for self-development.  It can put a huge amount of stress on us, making us feel blocked, overwhelmed and incapable of fully enjoying life.

Our members have realized that their financial health was impacting all the other areas in their life and made the decision to take better care of their finances, become free from financial stress and transform their lives.

WE help them by guiding and keeping them accountable on their journey towards financial wellness.


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Our mission from day one was to help our generation become financially free and healthy. Our unique holistic advice and coaching model is built around personal values, goals and life vision.  We don’t believe in one magic trick that makes you wealthy overnight, but we do believe in a series of conscious actions and behaviors that can give you the freedom to create the life you dream of.

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