It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it


* Article by Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard

After years of dreaming and planning, I recently purchased a weekender. And I’ve suddenly noticed people making assumptions about how much money I have. About how rich I am.

It’s got me thinking about how context is everything.

Without context, how do I look right now? Abundant? Wealthy? Living a life of luxury? Perhaps like a douchebag? Or like the epitome of millennial success, and what we can do when it comes to property?

I’m not sure exactly what people are thinking, but I suspect it’s a mixed bag, depending on their perspective, and the context they have about my situation.

Context is critical

Context helps us learn and appreciate different perspectives. It helps to remove judgement and assumptions and creates a space for kindness and curiosity.

As a financial coach, I’m very numbers-driven. I look at financial data all day. My own, my members’, the community, Australia’s. As a result, I know where I stand.

I earn good money, as does my partner. We’re fantastic at budgeting and cash flow management in some areas, but we love to spend in others.

The combined property value of my new getaway-love-shack and my main residence is within 20% of the median house price in Melbourne.

All up, my net wealth is less than the average Wealth Enhancers member (and as a competitive person, this is a thorn in my side).

But I’m seven years into a very intentional path to create a financially free life for myself and my family. It’s the philosophy that runs through my book for millennials, Intentionally Rich. I’ve still got a long way to go, but I’m focused.

So what?

By giving you this context, it helps to show that it’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it.

I don’t have an endless pile of money, but I’m clever as all hell when it comes to deploying my resources. I’ve been very intentional in putting it towards the things that I value, and not those that I don’t. I put my money where my mouth is — and for me that’s in a holiday house my family will use for the rest of our lives.

How could you more intentionally deploy your assets to give you what you’re seeking, now and into the future?

As millennials with an abundance of time and opportunity, we can get creative about this. We can rethink how we do things, step away from the ‘shoulds’ and make something special for ourselves.