In loving memory… of Laura Scott

On Monday morning on May 9th we received the horrible news that our beautiful and kind-spirited receptionist, Laura Scott, had passed away in a car accident in the early hours of Mother’s Day.

We were completely devastated. And thanks to the understanding of our clients, were able to close the office for a week.

In our second year of business, our small team of five – aged between 19 and 29 – were faced with a challenge we had not even considered. Being a young team in business, we envisaged all sorts of other trials and tribulations; the furthest from our thoughts was that we would lose one of our valued team members this way.


This was by far the toughest time of our year, and still saddens us daily. Coming into the office each day and having to walk past a reception area over flowing with flowers was almost unbearable. WE CEO, Sarah Riegelhuth, composed this article about Laura, and was honoured to be asked to read it out at her funeral:

In loving memory of Laura Scott, our beautiful receptionist who was taken from this earth far too soon as a result of a tragic car accident on Sunday 8th May.

Lauzie, you had the most beautiful eyes and your gorgeous face just lit up when you smiled, when you were really laughing it was amazing to see, your inner self just shone through.

That kind smile and positive attitude was what made us hire you on the spot. You were a perfect fit for our team. The day before you started, you rang us up because you wanted to know what time you should leave your house in the morning?! We weren’t much help as we didn’t know where you lived.

But together we worked it out, like we always did.

During your first few days you were shy and timid and even afraid to answer the phone. You once even asked permission to have a drink of water, you were so cute.

We watched you grow and learn throughout this year and become confident and comfortable in your role and with our clients and visitors. You touched so many of them in such a short period of time.

No one can believe you’re gone.

We shared some wonderful times with you and we all feel so blessed to have known you.

We’ll never forget the time you bought five blocks of chocolate in and ate them all (in an hour). The easter egg hunt. The time you made chocolate mousse for our weekly staff meeting and we all ate it together out of the same bowl.

When you bought stale muffins for the next meeting because you didn’t really know how to bake. All the funny characters that you used to tell us about who walked by your office window including the blind guy who hits the door with his cane. The footy boys across the road who all had the hots for you.

The way you used to get lots of parking tickets (but you told us it was ok because your Dad would find them in your room and ‘take care of them’). The way you would recall your meetings with Rob your trainer and the stories he would tell you that weren’t funny but you would pretend to laugh. When you ate just a can of chickpeas for lunch because you wanted to be healthy.

“It’s not very nice” you said… aaah, you made us laugh!

You were so tidy around the office (we hear your bedroom is a different story!) and took pride in your job. You kept the office spotless and learnt how to make the perfect tea and coffee for all of our clients. Never did you call in sick and you always arrived on time.

You were eager, you studied hard. You always asked for feedback and wanted to learn how to do things the very best way. By some miracle you kept the plants alive! You shopped around at the supermarket for the cheapest milk, tea, coffee, without even being asked. That’s just what you did.

You had wonderful values and morals.

You were always grateful and thankful and appreciative.

And you were kind to everyone, all the time.

We wouldn’t let you, but you wanted to pay for your text books, your training courses. To buy your own ticket to the tennis when we all went to the Australian Open. You always offered so much to people and that was so very special. You were always willing to give more than you would take.

Lauzie, we will miss you every day.

We will miss your laugh. Your smiling face when we open the office door. Your coffees in the morning and cups of tea with honey in the afternoon.

Overhearing your bubbly voice on the phone to clients. The sound of the office door every two hours when you had to move your car to avoid another parking ticket.

You were our baby, the youngest of the ‘kids’ who always got the most presents from the conferences.

Life around the office will not be the same without you.

We wanted to keep you forever. We wanted you to work with us for a very long time, we didn’t want you to get another job. But we never, ever imagined you leaving us in this way.

Rest in peace now beautiful angel. xoxo

Laura Scott