Have you ever considered that you’re a tall poppy?

Have you ever considered that you’re a tall poppy?

This was a question posed to me a couple of years ago when I was considering becoming a WE member. At first, I thought it was a really confronting question, but after I let it sit with me for a few days, I was mostly just intrigued.

Is there anything wrong with saying, ‘I’m going places in life’?

Or saying ‘I’m happy with my life right now, but I know I could also do better’? This was the position I found myself in. I was seeing it across a range of different areas in my life, not just finances, but also my career and fitness.

Just because I can run a few kms, does that mean I should not push to run longer, or faster? Is that not an admirable goal? I was raised with the expression of ‘not resting on your laurels’. Whilst to this day I still don’t know what a ‘laurel’ is, I believe wholeheartedly in the expression.

Career seems to be the obvious realm for individuals to make those big pushes to better themselves. As a 20-something, people expect that this is the time for you to go ‘head down, bum up’ at work. But financial success was so taboo, so foreign.

When I started talking about getting a financial coach, the overwhelming response I had was, ‘Why?!’

Shortly followed by ‘how much money are you making if you need an adviser?’.

There’s this miscommunication about pushing yourself harder that you’re either struggling (i.e. No-one asks someone who has weight issues why they get a personal trainer) or you’re a superstar (pretty sure no-one’s asking billionaire’s why they use advisers or trainers).

Getting an adviser was such a profound experience for me, that it ultimately lead to me retraining and taking up a career in advice. Now, my mission is for young people, whether they are financially stable, struggling with debt, or just trundling along, breaking even, to ask themselves – ‘could I do more?’.

It’s the number one lesson I have learned in the past three years since joining the WE Community.

It’s ok to ask for more, both for yourself and of yourself.

Embrace your inner tall poppy.