Goals and Values Based Advice

Financial advice and coaching aligned with your values and life purpose

We keep you accountable to your financial goals, starting with a deep dive into who you are and what you want to achieve. Your first step towards financial freedom is a goals and values session where we help you identify what truly matters to you and gain a clear picture of the life you want to live. This allows us to prepare a strategy based on your unique needs and aspirations so we can get moving toward these goals.

Wealth Enhancers Benefits

Ongoing financial advice
Regular coaching sessions
Financial administration
Access to our community


  • Identify your goals (we know you want to create an epic life – and we want you to tell us what it looks like so we can create a strategy to make it happen).
  • Review your current financial situation (we’ll have a look at what you’ve done so far and identify opportunities to get you there sooner).
  • Identify your next action steps towards financial freedom (we’ll create an action plan to help you break through any roadblocks and work toward financial freedom).
  • Have any question answered (you can ask your Financial Advisor anything to help you be at the top of your game financially).
  • Learn about WE (and if we are the right fit to work together).

Schedule an Appointment

If you don’t want to rely on your salary as your main source of income, or you just want to create a tailored financial strategy to help you live your dream life, then we’d like to offer you a Free Financial Possibilities Consultation.

What would you do if money wasn't an issue? Would you study more? Travel more? Worry less? Would you take more risks with your business knowing you had a safety net to fall back on? Would you completely pivot and live a totally different life? What we're talking about is financial freedom and this, Gen Y, is our Holy Grail. In this week's episode of WEtv, Wealth Enhancers CEO Sarah Riegelhuth and Financial Coach Rebecca Pritchard are talking financial freedom and what that means.