Five minutes with… April Conde

Hi April Conde!

April Conde is our fantasmalistic Gladiator in charge of Member Happiness!

Previously April worked for six years in the Government Public Sector before deciding they can’t hog all the happiness over there!

Now she leads our WE Community team, helping to connect, educate and elevate our members. April’s also the lead WE coffee connoisseur, just check out #WEcoffeeseries!

How would your friends describe you?

April Conde: If you were to ask my friends how they would describe me they would probably say…… Hrmmm…. “she laughs at anything and everything!” Hahaha!  Which is true! You’ll always find me still laughing after everyone has stopped after the joke.

What are you passionate about?

April Conde: I’m a people-pleaser and always want everyone to be happy. I try to apply this with all things, whether at work, home or socially. I would say that is my main passion. Other things I love to do are travel, snowboarding (although I’m not very good at it….), make-up, eating (i.e trying new restaurants, not just gorging out!).

Why did you join the WE team?

April Conde: I had heard about WE through Aimmey (our Client Services Manager) and she could not stop talking about how she loved her job and how much she loved working with the whole team here. I decided to practice my stalking skills and do a little research on Wealth Enhancers and was shocked at how cool, fun and hip WE was.
My impression of a financial planning firm was the complete opposite of what WE is and when the opportunity came along to be a part of this amazing team that Aimmey could not stop talking about, I had to grab it with both hands.
April cracking up with her best friend at Aimmey's wedding!
April cracking up with her best friend at Aimmey’s wedding!

Get to know more about April on her team member page here.


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