Five minutes with… Amron D’Silva

Amron D’Silva and WE Co-Founder Finn Kelly in New York.

Amron D'Silva

WE Member Spotlight

MEMBER: Amron D’Silva
MEMBER SINCE: 17/02/14
YP, Entrepreneur or Sports & Entertainment:  Young Professional

Favourite place to eat? 

Too many to choose from! But when I’m back home in Melbourne, I’d say “Rice, Paper, Scissors” (ricepaperscissors) – I think it’s the best Asian style-hawker dining place I’ve eaten at! A must go! And here in New York, I have two favourites, in “L’Artusi” (best Italian food I’ve had in a long time) and “Umami” (best truffle burger and fries combo ever).

Favourite coffee joint?

BlueStone and Toby’s Estate in New York – both run by Aussies – no one else knows coffee better right? And in Melbs, ANYWHERE haha.

How did you come into contact with WE? 

I’ve known Finn and Sarah personally for many years and I think the value they provide with WE, not only in a financial advisory sense, but also on a personal sense by aligning your goals to your values – is really something that hit home with me.

What do you love most about being a WE member? 

I think it’s a couple of things. Firstly, I love the ‘community’ aspect of being a member and feeling like you are aligned with like-minded individuals and the WE network has been amazing having met so many people that I’m friends with now and also gone on to do business with.
And the second part is the fact that I really like that all actions are linked to achieving personal goals tied to a unique set of values. You never normally sit down and think about what values are truly important to you, so when you do, it’s a wake up call on what you actually need to concentrate on to live a more fulfilled life.