Financial Coach Christine Dang on her journey with WE

Christine is a weapon of a Financial Coach. She has a rich experience in the financial advice industry, including experience in client services, paraplanning and advice. Outside of WE, you can find her lifting barbells, equivalent to your body weight, over her head. As a Financial Coach, she combines her personal #GRS journey, with her lessons learnt from training, to help her members live their dream life. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty and march you to the bank to cancel your credit card, if required!


How did you join the WE team?

I met Sarah & Finn (our co-founders) at the conference where they met each other back in 2009. I stayed in touch with Sarah after that and saw that she started Wealth Enhancers with Finn in 2012. At the time, I was looking for a full-time role as I was finishing up at uni and I knew WE was the place for me. Young, innovative, relatable. I reached out to Sarah and she backed me right from the start without taking a look at my resume or uni transcripts.


What do you love most about working at WE?

How did it change you? I remember my first few days at WE was at a 3-day retreat for our annual planning. I hardly said a word as I was so nervous. When I was asked a question my heart would start racing and I’d be sweating from my armpits. Things have certainly changed as WE has helped me grow as a person. The team always believe in me and constantly challenge me to be myself and to believe in myself.

I love WE because there’s no such thing as “no”. We always think about ways we can make things possible and there’s certainly no rule book. We have a culture of learning and vulnerability so I can bring all of myself without fear of being judged.


Tell us a bit about your financial journey, both before joining WE and after. What has changed in the way you approach finances both in your life and in the advice you offer to your members?

Growing up money was scarce, I was the kid in Toys’R’Us who’d spend hours playing with the toys and leave empty-handed. The only time money was spoken about was when my mum was telling us we don’t have money for things. When I started earning my own money, I started to splurge because I didn’t want to go without anymore.

Through following the advice, it taught me the consequences of over-spending, e.g. not having enough money to travel. It taught me what I value spending on, and what I don’t. It taught me that what I value is different from others so it’s not my place to pass judgement on what people spend their money on.


What’s the greatest satisfaction you find in working with your members?

Seeing them smile when they realise how far they’ve come.


Can you share some of your personal and professional goals?

My personal and professional goals are the same. I want to have an impact on the people that I meet every day. Whether it’s as small as giving someone a hug to encouraging them to do something they didn’t think they could.


How did your goals evolve throughout time?

My intentions for my life are still fairly the same. Make an impact, travel, learn and grow.


Tell us about your GRS wins

Learning to have a better relationship with money and to not be too attached to it. There will be more to come.


What about your GRS fails?

All the clothes, bags and shoes I’ve bought over the years that I didn’t value. I recently gave all this away to the Salvos.


Can you share some of the financial tips that have helped you the most on your journey?

Pay yourself a set amount of pocket money to live off every week and start investing ASAP.


What’s the no 1 advice you would share with Millennials when it comes to finances?

Share your money experiences with your friends, tell them what you’re struggling with or need help with. Tell them about the things you have learnt or discovered. The more we talk about it, the ‘wealthier’ we will be.