Happy New Home | Buying Our First Home

No one wants to eat tinned tuna every day just to make their mortgage repayments to the bank.

Sometimes life just falls into place and things just take a turn for the better. In the past year, I’ve managed to get married, fall pregnant and buy our family home.

If that’s not fast tracking life, I really don’t know what is!

When my husband and I were looking at buying our first home we had an idea of what we wanted and where we wanted to be.

I think that’s how we all start out, with an idea but reality really does sink in after only a few short weeks of going through inspections, auctions and basically trawling through the endless websites that offer you everything; but don’t deliver.

Hubby and I were not disillusioned, though.

We thought that we should really cut back on our expectations and compromise on some things that weren’t that important, but still make sure we got what we wanted. We decided to look at a larger radius of areas and also settle for doing few renovations as we weren’t ever going to find the “perfect” home (think double basin with a free-standing bathtub).

I believe it’s important to always be open minded when buying a home as there will be certain things you are happy to compromise on.

Maybe having three bathrooms isn’t that important. Maybe you can replace that ugly kitchen once you move in and have saved a bit of money.

The way I went about it was by making a list. I looked at the things I needed against what I wanted. Don’t compromise on things you need as you probably won’t end up happy, but realise that the perfect home is what you make it!

The one thing my husband and I didn’t want to compromise on was going over our budget.

We were not prepared to borrow more than we could afford and live a life restricted by a property. Most importantly, we weren’t compromising on going on a holiday every year!

I know that we could have borrowed a bit more but then we would have kept pushing it and gotten the house we originally wanted but forced into a situation of eating tuna for weeks on end just to pay a bank! That is a nightmare!

We just weren’t prepared to give up our lifestyle and goals from being reached. That’s not a recipe for a happy home!

After weeks of searching, hubby stumbled on a home we weren’t even looking at. He took the chance of going to the inspection and staying for an auction that got passed in. Eventually we made an offer that we weren’t sure the owners would agree to, but they did!

Hooray! It was meant to be and I truly believe if it’s meant to be your home, you will get it.

Article by Aimmey Pham

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