5 minutes with…Magdalena Adamczyk

Hi Magdalena Adamczyk!

Magdalena Adamczyk is one of our stellar Member Happiness Managers.

Magdalena has had various roles providing high-quality customer service, each adding to her skill set and experience. She loves travelling and immersing in new cultures, a passion which eventually led her to leave her home country and move to the Netherlands where she currently enjoys life with her partner and their two cats.

How would your friends describe you?

Magdalena: Energetic, selfless girl who always tries to take care of everyone. In the past some of my friends used to joke and call me their “mom”!


What are you most passionate about?

Magdalena: I have so many things I’m passionate about… at the moment I am passionately learning Dutch and teaching my boyfriend Polish. It’s not that easy though… but we keep on trying!

I’m also very passionate about taking care of our two cats – Dexter and Twix. Meow


Why did you join the WE team?

Magdalena: I joined because WE are Millennials! I’ve always been looking for a job that could offer me a constant thrill and allow me to learn new things and evolve. It seems I have finally found it! And since this is paired with a team of passionate people who love what they do, the natural move is to jump right in and be a part of the change they’re trying to make!


Get to know more about Magdalena on her team member page here.